To Our Customer Family

Because of you: Alux Spa has been able to take this journey into business ownership, and for that we are eternally grateful.

Because of you: We will always show our appreciation by using the "best in class" products and technology to give you the best possible service experience.

Because of you: We planned our business around the most advanced and sanitary technologies to assure you that there will be No Cross Contamination from one patron to another.

Because of you: We are dedicating our efforts to always keep you in mind; as we make business betterment decisions. We took a step "out side the box". Though not yet common in our industry we made the decision that extra internal costs were the price to express the value we have to our customer Family. We invested in the "Contego Spa Systems" because they have superior technology and excellent hygiene system. They are considered number 1 in their industry.

Because of you: We will continue to grow and find the new ways to express our commitment to you; and will always keep you in mind along the way.

Thank you for our loyalty,
We are truly blessed,

Alux Spa